Dog Anxiety Pendants For Pets - A Natural Way to Comfort Your Animals

Vets can offer medication to help pets who suffer from serious anxiety problems...but do you really want to expose your pets to chemicals they don't need? If you care about your pet's health, then you probably answered "no". If so, then a better solution might be an aromatherapy diffuser pendant.

Here are five reasons why you should turn to aromatherapy to help your four legged companion with a variety of issues:

1. All Natural

These Dog Anxiety Pendants use essential oil blends. No harsh chemicals that harm your pet. You can even use oils designed to repel ticks, fleas and other pests without worrying your pet will ingest or inhale toxins.

2. Reusable

Unlike some items sold for pets, this pendant is reusable. No wasted materials, no wasted money. Simply add more oils to the insert as needed. (Isn't that nicer than flea collars that are thrown away after a few weeks?) Since essential oils are potent, a little bit will go a long way.

3. Calms Anxious Pets

Whether your pet is afraid of thunderstorms, or simply becomes overly agitated when faced with new people or places, a calming pendant can help soothe him or her when they needed it the most (such as vet trips!) As a plus, you will have a much more relaxed relationship with your pet.

Soothing aromatherapy can also help pets who are injured or who suffer from illness.

4. Attractive and Unique

No need to buy pointless accessories for your dog. These pendants are beautiful as stand-alone accents. They clip easily to the collar or existing dog tags, and can be used as a way to help people identify your pet if he strays, too.

5. They Smell Great!

Another downside to chemical insect repellents and medications is the stink! Wouldn't it be much nicer to cuddle with a pet who smells of lavender or cedar? Since the same essential oils are used in human aromatherapy, you can benefit from the calming qualities while snuggling with your pet.

Do You Need A Dog Anxiety Pendants For Your Pet?

If you have a dog or cat who becomes agitated or frightened easily, or a pet who is just overly-hyper, then Dog Anxiety Pendants are your solution! Also great for separation anxiety in dogs. Each pendant comes with three inserts so you can switch scents to suit your immediate needs. Each application of oil lasts several days, and is safe for humans and children.

Attractive, unobtrusive and gentle; these pendants are much better for a nervous pet than harsh discipline or medications. They've even been proven effective for rescued and abused animals with higher emotional care needs.

If you have a pet you love, or are looking for a gift for a pet-lover, why not try a Dog Anxiety Pendants from Pet Protector Australia for pets and restore the calm.

Video showing Peace & Calming Oil used in a Rescue Shelter, watch how quickly the dogs calm down