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Cooling Caps

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Don't Wait for the HEATWAVES ... Buy Now and Keep a Cool Head this Summer!

Who are Cooling Caps Suitable For?

Our Cooling Caps can be used by anyone who needs fast and easy relief from the heat. The cap is made from Procool™ fabric and soft to touch. 

Cooling skull caps are perfect for outdoor workers, horse riders, cyclists, sports people etc. They may also provide cooling, soothing relief for women suffering hot flushes during menopause, migraine and headache sufferers, and anyone who gets a 'hot head'.

I wish these were available when I was having chemotherapy treatment in 2018 and had a terrible time suffering from hot flushes and a hot, sensitive scalp.

Product Features:

  • Cooling Cap with Evaporative Cooling Brow Band
  • Adjustable ties at the nape of the neck
  • Ideal for wearing under a helmet, hard hat or alone
  • When wet, stays cool while you are active
  • Absorbent when dry, perfect for absorbing moisture and sweat
  • Use for hours at a time, simply re-wet to reactivate
  • Lightweight and durable

How to use:

  1. simply submerge the product in water for 2-5 minutes
  2. gently squeeze out any excess water
  3. wipe the inside dry
  4. wear

IMPORTANT - Before first use: follow activation proceeding above and let the product dry completely. This is necessary for the cooling fabric fibers to set into the product.

Let the advanced cooling management system work its magic, keeping you 6-12ºC cooler for 3-10 hours. When the cooling effect starts to lessen all you need to do is follow these steps again to reactivate the product


how evaporative cooling works

Our Procool™ Evaporative Cooling material is a unique fabric that absorbs and slowly releases water through evaporation. We look at this process as “super-charging” the bodies natural cooling process thereby protecting the wearer against heat stress.

Simply soak in water for 1-2 minutes, gently squeeze out excess water and enjoy the cooling effect for 3-10 hours.


Low cost cooling system 
Fast and effective
An easy to use and reusable system
Uniform cooling
Lightweight, non-toxic and durable
Extensively used all over the world
Used in Sport, Military, Medical, Construction, Pet & Equine
CE Marked

The Technology

Procool™ Evaporative Cooling products utilise a unique chemistry to achieve rapid absorption and stable water storage. The chemical formulation also creates enhanced evaporation.

Users can expect the evaporative cooling fabric to provide temperatures that are 6-12ºC  cooler than the ambient temperature, depending on airflow. (NB High humidity (90%) will diminish the fabric’s ability to evaporate water and therefore provide cooling.

How does it Work?

Evaporative Cooling is a simple and effective technology which works by combining water with our Polymer Embedded Fabric (PEF) to create garments that gradually release water through evaporation to keep you cool and comfortable. Typical applications include industrial safety, construction, emergency services, military, outdoor recreation, athletics, motorcycling etc.!! In the Gulf States where summer temperatures can rise up to 50ºC, these cooling products give great cooling for multiple hours. Using an innovative cooling technology called Evaporative cooling, these products keep you cooler by 6-12ºC on any given summer day.

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