WIN! 4 Years Protection Against Fleas & Ticks

Who wants to WIN a Flea & Tick Disc?
 Go to >> Pet Protector 
 Click the Photo Contest buttonand follow the steps
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NOTE: it can take a day or two before the company publishes your photos, as the company screens them all for spam first (there were a few not so nice pics up at first!) but they will definitely appear and you will get an email when your photo is live.

Don't forget to share your link on social media to get more votes! 

Pet Protector Flea & Tick Discs are suitable for Dogs, Cats and even Horses!

Learn about how these amazing discs work to protect your pets against fleas and ticks for a Full 4 Year Period at the manufacturer's website


  • Hi Jillian, please visit for pricing, there is a Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer on at the moment :)

    Angela Love
  • Hi Fiona, you can remove the disc for about 2 hours before it loses it’s effectiveness and has to be ‘re-set’ for the activation period

  • hi if I take their collar off for bathing how long after will it take to start protecting again

    Fiona Witter
  • This sounds fantastic, just what I’m looking for to cover my pets, without toxins. Looking for price list link.

    Jillian Warner
  • Hi Debbie, yes the discs are suitable for cats too!

    Angela Love

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