Everything you need to know about Pet Protector – how to prepare before use, how it works and why it is the best anti-parasite solution for your pets

pet protector disc

(this article is written by the manufacturer of the Pet Protector Disc)

Let’s first debunk the myth about Pet Protector. No, it is not a magic wand that will repel absolutely every single parasite from your pet. We can all agree that there is no product that has that kind of magical power. However, the Pet Protector Disc is certainly one of the safest as well as the most effective products for flea and tick control available. Through this blog, we will give you all the information you need before you begin using the Pet Protector Disc so that you can ensure to provide your pet with the best protection possible. We will also tell you all about this product and how it works.

What exactly is Pet Protector?

pet protector disc

This is one aspect that people often overlook. Can you image what would happen to your teeth if you didn’t take care of them? The same goes for your pet. Bad breath and teeth that look unhealthy are the first symptoms of poor health in pets. Other, more serious symptoms include the loss of teeth, heart issues, kidney and liver issues. These problems arise due to bacterial infections. What’s more, dogs with poor teeth cannot receive high scores at dog shows. Luckily, there are quality products available for the dental hygiene of dogs.The Pet Protector Disc is a very unique product that protects pets from external parasites (fleas, ticks and mosquitoes) and it does this in a way that is 100% natural. It’s made out of high-quality steel alloys, perfectly combined to ensure an optimal Magnetic and Scalar frequency which is triggered by the animal’s blood circulation (the circulation of the blood throughout the pet’s body). Once triggered, this frequency forms an impenetrable protective field around pet’s body which is an environment that parasites cannot stand and one that does a great job repelling these pests. The Pet Protector Disc had shown an incredible 96.67% efficiency rate throughout its testing phase and has proven to last for a full 4-year period. It is surely the most effective, the most practical and the safest parasite control invention available on today’s market.

Preparation before use

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Although this part of the process is crucial in keeping pets flea and tick-free when using the Pet Protector Disc, it seems as though a lot of pet owners skip a few steps in the beginning and don’t complete the preparation process. Why is preparation so important? Because the Pet Protector Disc repels only new, ’unwanted guests’ from your pet’s fur. If your pet has already been infested, the Pet Protector Disc will not be able to eliminate these pests. Even if you think your pet doesn’t suffer from an infestation, you still need to follow the preparation steps, since your pet may be carrying invisible parasite eggs and larvae that will develop into adult parasites, that will continue breeding even though your pet is wearing the Pet Protector Disc. How is this possible?

As we mentioned earlier, the Pet Protector Disc uses Magnetic and Scalar Waves to repel external parasites. But, it can only do so once the field created by these waves is fully formed around your pet’s body. And, this field needs time to form. With cats and small dogs, it requires 7-10 days for this process, while for larger animals (over 88lbs/40kg), it needs up to 20 days to complete this process. During this time, your pet is unprotected. In the event that a pet is already infested, these parasites will go unaffected since the protective field has yet to form. On the contrary, these existing parasites will acclimatize to the environment, since the protective field is slowly forming at this stage, at first being weak and gaining in strength every day, allowing the parasites to slowly build up immunity to it. In such cases, parasites will continue breeding, unharmed, and the most common conclusion of the pet owner is that the Pet Protector Disc doesn’t work. This is why it is crucial to eliminate all existing parasites and their invisible larvae from the pet and their environment during the initial 7-20 day period and once the protective field has fully formed, the Pet Protector Disc will protect the pet from new parasite infestations for the next 4 years.

Steps for prepping your pet and their environment:

• Clean the pet’s environment (indoors and outdoors) before and during the first 7-20 days using the Pet Protector Disc with a natural anti-parasite product and vacuuming your home thoroughly.
• Clean your beloved pet before and during the first 7-20 days using a natural anti-parasite product. Use a flea comb to get rid of any dead parasites as well as their eggs and larvae. 
• Keep your pet away from parasite-infested areas and other animals during the first 20 days. 
• Ensure that the Pet Protector Disc remains securely fastened to your pet’s collar at all times. Removing the disc for longer than 2 hours will cause the protective field to lose its strength and it will be necessary to once again repeat all the steps above in order to fully protect your pet.

Thorough preparation will ensure that the Pet Protector Disc reaches maximum potential which will further ensure that your pet is protected for the next 4 years!

Why Pet Protector

There are many reasons why Pet Protector is the best solution for your pets. The most important is that it will protect your furry friend not only from external parasites but from very dangerous chemicals as well, chemicals that are contained in almost all brand-name pest control products. There are thousands of allergies, illness and even fatality reports, all caused by the chemicals found in flea and tick products. Pet Protector is 100% safe for your pet, in fact, it’s so safe that you can even use the PP Disc on newborn pets. Additionally, it’s a great money-saver! It costs 20 times less than the other anti-parasite products you would have to purchase over and over again during this same 4-year period.

When is the right time for Pet Protector?

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Pet Protector can be used on newborns as well as on adult pets. There are no age limits since it’s completely safe. Now is the best time to start using Pet Protector since it’s very important to prevent dangerous parasite infestations as soon as possible. 


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