Cooling Caps Bring Sweet Relief for Hot Heads

I was diagnosed with breast cancer mid 2018, and had chemotherapy and radiation as part of my treatment. Very pleased to say all is good at the moment with no signs of recurring cancer.
When I was having chemo, my head used to get so hot it felt like it would explode sometimes, and the hot flushes that it brought on were challenging to say the least. I wish I had thought of it at the time, but I was preoccupied with getting better, the guys who make my dog cooling coats are pretty clever and make a range of cooling products, including cooling caps. The caps have a really soft lining (great for sensitive heads), the Procool™ fabric has special water retaining properties which doesn't drip or feel soggy on your head, but stays cool for hours (6-12ºC cooler than the ambient temperature).
My personal experience with chemotherapy led me to have a batch of these special Pastel Pink cooling caps made so I can offer to others going through treatment, but they aren't limited to cancer patients. Anyone who suffers from the heat will get relief from them, outdoor workers, horse riders, sports people, cyclists etc ...
Available in Blue, Black and Pink and only $24.99, grab one for yourself and one for a friend. Afterpay is available through checkout.

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  • Just ordered a blue one but want to change to pink so nbcf get a donation. Please advise if this is possible
    Diana morison

    Diana morison

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